Tours and Activities






  • Enjoy Sendai Like a Local!

    Special Activities

    Tours and activities that feature Sendai locals about a variety of themes, ranging from fun sake tours to in-depth learning about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

    Regular Activities

    We offer activities in collaboration with local shops that do not require reservation. Just contact us or pop in i-Sendai!

  • Regular Activities

    Photo in Kimono (Photo Session)

    Up to 2 male, 3 females

    10am-5pm (1hour)


    Kimono rental service right here at our desk! How about a photoshoot at the rooftop’s Ebisu Shrine? Before registration, please take off any perfume/ fragrances as well as heavy makeup.

    Photo in Kimono (2-hour Rental)

    Up to 2 male, 3 females

    10am-3pm (3 hours)

    3,000yen/person (10,000 deposit)

    After the “Photo in Kimono” photoshoot, you will have two hours to explore the city while dressed in your kimono. You will be required to leave a ¥10,000 deposit at the time of registration. The deposit will be returned to you once you return from the rental period. (The ¥10,000 deposit will not be returned in the event of the kimono being damaged or dirtied) Before registration, please take off any perfume/fragrances as well as heavy makeup. ※Identification is required to participate in this activity

    Japanese Tea Workshop at a Local Tea Shop

    1-3 Persons

    10am-5pm (30mins)


    Enjoy delicious Japanese treats with a fresh pot of Japanese tea that you may try making and pouring yourself. Afterwards, explore the store area where you will find various tea and tea-related products!

    Sake Tasting at a Local Sake Shop

    1-3 Persons

    10am-5pm (30mins)


    Select three different drinks from a wide selection of Japanese sakes! Compare the flavors and fragrance of each so that you can find the perfect bottle that best suits your tastes. (20 years and up only!)

    Fujisaki Department Store Tour

    2-6 Persons (minimum 2)

    10am-5pm (40mins)


    In less than an hour, get in touch with Japanese culture as we explore hidden treasures that most locals don’t even know about inside a long-established department store.

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