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    Q: Where is the desk located?

    SENDAI Tourist Information Desk is located on the first floor of Fujisaki Main Building by the Aoba-dori entrance.

    Q: What services do you offer?

    Whether you’re interested in sightseeing spots, events, shopping, food, or local culture, we offer tourism tips and information about the Sendai area in a variety of languages. We also provide information about city-walking tours, Japanese cultural activities, and general tourism information covering all six prefectures of the Tohoku region. There is also a new FREE Skype service which was launched in June 2017, where visitors many now directly communicate with information centers from around the Tohoku region.

    Q: What languages are available?

    Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean support is available every day.

    Q: Is there Free Wi-Fi?

    Yes. SENDAI Tourist Information Desk is a “SENDAI free Wi-Fi” hotspot.

    Q: I would like to participate in a city-walking tour or Japanese cultural activity.

    Thank you for your interest. Please visit this page for details.


    Q: Do you have a recommended course for touring Sendai?​

    For first-timers to Sendai, we recommend the “Loople Sendai,” which is a bus that loops around popular tourism spots in the Sendai city area. The closest bus stop to our desk is “Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station.” For more information about Loople Sendai, please visit their website.

    Q: Are there any useful passes?

    There is a two-day pass called the “Sendai Marugoto Pass,” and a one-day pass called the “SENDAI AREA PASS,” both of which cover the Sendai, Matsushima, Shiroishi, and Yamadera areas and more. The “Loople Sendai + Subway” one day pass is convenient as well.

    Q: Where can I purchase the SENDAI AREA PASS?​

    You can purchase the SENDAI AREA PASS at the JR EAST Travel Center which is located in the View Plaza on the 2nd floor of JR Sendai Station. JR EAST Travel Center is open 8:30am~7:00pm (Weekdays/Saturdays) and 8:30am~6:00pm (Sundays/Holidays).

    Q: Are there rental bikes?

    In Sendai, there is a community cycling service called “DATE BIKE.” The DATE BIKE service station is a five minute walk from our desk. For more information, please visit their website.

    Q: How do I get to “Site of Sendai Castle” from SENDAI Tourist Information Desk ?

    By Loople Sendai, we suggest boarding the Loople Sendai at “Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station,” and getting off at “Site of Sendai Castle.” By subway, we recommend boarding the Sendai Subway Tozai Line at “Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station,” getting off at “International Center Subway Station,” and then walking 15 minutes to the castle ruins. However, due to the steep hill which leads to the castle ruins, we ask that you be careful if you decide to walk your way up!

    Q: Where is Sendai’s closest hot spring resort area ?

    Akiu hot springs and Sakunami hot springs are the closest resort areas.

    Q: Where can I purchase the stuffed “Musubimaru” toy that is at SENDAI Tourist Information Desk?

    You can purchase the stuffed “Musubimaru” at the Miyagi Prefectural Office’s Tourist Information Corner, Hotel Metropolitan Sendai’s front desk, and NewDays7 at Sendai Station 2nd Floor.

    Q: Do you have recommendations on where to eat “ gyutan ?”

    At SENDAI Tourist Information Desk, we have a “gyutan map” which lists approximately 30 long-established and/or popular gyutan restaurants. For staff recommendations, please come ask us directly♪

    Q: Where can I drink “ zunda shake?”​

    Zunda shake is available at Sendai Station and Site of Sendai Castle.

    Q: Where can I buy electronics?

    We recommend Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Sendai, and LABI Sendai.

    Q: Where can I exchange currency?

    At Travelex Sendai, over 33 different currencies are available for exchange.

    Q: Where are some good photo spots?

    Popular photo spots include the zelkova trees at Jozenji-dori Street, and the cityscape from the Site of Sendai Castle. You can even take a commemorative photo with the photo props at SENDAI Tourist Information Desk!

    Q: How do I get to Matsushima?

    We recommend taking the JR Senseki Line from Sendai Station, and getting off at Matsushima Kaigan Station.

    Q: How do I get to the cat island, Tashiro Island?​

    From Sendai Station, board the JR Senseki Tohoku Line bound for Ishinomaki which departs at 7:24am→At Ishinomaki Station, board the Miyagi Kotsu local bus which departs at 8:30am and get off at “Ajishima Line”→Board the Blue Liner which departs at 9:00am from Ajishima Line to Tashiro Island. ※Due to the limited number of cruises, please pay close attention to the time of departure.